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Your Recovery Team - Kimberly Taylor LMFT

Kimberly is an author, consultant and therapist in Orange County California Her passion is working with individuals and couples to find happiness and create better relationships. She believes one just needs the tools to be able to have the life they always wanted. She has worked with men and women who have struggles with anger and have seen huge success in overcoming their challenges. If you struggle with anger, depression, hurt and trauma you are not alone and may be closer then you think to finding relief.

Kimberly is a highly trained professional in the areas of mental health, substance abuse and trauma. She has over the course of the last 15 years worked extensively in both the private and public sector in direct services as well as Executive Management.

In 2014, She has written a book, which is available on Amazon and started an agency to address domestic violence. She ran a large rehabilitation center in Orange County. Her most recent project has been setting up online therapy for private practice and seeing clients in both office and online sessions
  • Licensed MFT
  • Dual Diagnosis Expertise
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Batterer's Treatment
  • Healthy Relationship
  • Child Abuse Training and Expertise
  • Large Case Management Experience
  • Adept at Assessment and Treatment Planning

Private Practice for individual, couples and families on the issues of substance abuse, healthy relationships, communication, anger management, domestic violence as well as addressing co-occurring disorders such as personality disorders and substance abuse or psychotic disorders and substance abuse.


Sunday January 23, 2022