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Your Recovery Team - Tim Kremer M.A.

Tim Kremer

As every elite athlete will attest, achieving states of peak performance must at some point move beyond physical talent into an empowered state of mind. It is then the journey turns “outside-in,” a game within a game in which thoughts and emotions remain strong and stable in spite of what the courses throw our way.

During the past decade, Tim N. Kremer, M.A., president and founder of Peak Performance Mind Coaching and Spirit of Golf, LLC, has developed a practice in which he has trained athletes in many sports to take mental and emotional (mind) performance from average to elite.

Participants learn to think like champions, act like champions, play like champions, feel like champions. Within the energy of this mindset, success has no choice but to unfold and appear.

About Tim...

  • Peak performance mind coach and consultant and president and founder of Peak Performance Mind Coaching and Spirit of Golf, LLC, a program utilizing innovative and pioneering techniques to help participants access peak mind states for greater success in sports, business, and life.
  • Author of the highly-acclaimed, “Skills and Drills: Peak Performance Techniques for the Athletic Mind,” which combines mindfulness and golf with applications on the course and in everyday life.
  • Innovator for Addiction Reach Golf since its inception as he remains a program director in both Florida and California.
  • Total performance coach who blends mind coaching techniques with swing instruction.  Tim is a GOLFTEC Certified Swing Coach, having taught thousands of lessons to golfers of all ages and handicap levels.
  • Coach and mentor to golf professionals on all the major professional tours, including Jim Herman, winner of the 2016 PGA Shell Houston Open. Additionally, Tim coaches professionals, ranked amateurs, university teams, and aspiring juniors in other sports, including tennis, football, baseball, and volleyball.
  • Conducts peak performance mind clinics at private golf clubs throughout the country, providing tangible improvement techniques for groups and individual club members.
  • Coach and consultant to several NCAA Division 1 athletic teams (golf and non-golf). Tim has helped dozens of accomplished junior athletes receive full-ride college scholarships.
  • Keynote speaker at the PGA and LPGA Teaching and Coaching Summits, PGA of Canada, universities, and state-organized coaching leadership conventions.

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Saturday April 1, 2023