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Your Recovery Team - Wilson McLean, Ph.D.

Wilson McLean

Wilson McLean, Ph.D. is the managing partner of Integrative Wellness Alliance, an organization focused on helping clients overcome addictions through providing bespoke recovery and wellness programs. Wilson and his team take a holistic, family-based approach that supports individuals and families throughout all stages of the addictions process. In addition to his work with Integrative Wellness Alliance, Wilson is a certified wellness practitioner (CWP), yoga teacher (RYT), and also teaches undergraduate organization development, organization behavior, communications, and management courses at Florida Atlantic University. 

Prior to his work with Integrative Wellness Alliance, Wilson completed his doctorate at Florida Atlantic University, where his research focused on designing healthy, functional organizations.

Notably, this research illuminated how critical it is that all members of a system improve their individual health in order to encourage healthy relationships and ensure a healthy organization, whether that be a family system or multi-national corporation. Wilson also previously served as the Executive Director of Connected Warriors, a non-profit organization that provides yoga, meditation, and related mind-body classes for veterans, active military personnel, and their families. The organization focused efforts on supporting those suffering from PTSD and related health issues via somatic therapies and alternative healing modalities.



Thursday April 15, 2021