Concierge addiction treatment in Florida and California
For individuals, couples, families in all stages of recovery

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Your custom treatment is designed especially for you. We treat individuals, couples and families in all stages of recovery.

We can come to your home in lieu of a traditional inpatient facility. We work around you schedule so you can continue to lead your daily life. Your recovery team is available indefinitely for as long as you need them. This includes detoxification to relapse prevention aftercare. Initially, a medical and mental health professional will make recommendations concerning your safety and comfort. The rest is up to you. Choose custom services that will make your recovery better.

Our Concierge Like Home Intensive Golf retreat , in sunny Florida, works well for busy executives that are accustomed to individualized services and enjoy world class golf. You will be staying, dining and playing at the PGA National Resort, home of The Honda Classic. Your treatment team will come to you. If there are any medical concerns you can detoxify at The Jupiter Medical Center Concierge Suite first. If you invite your significant other and family, they can participate in your treatment or enjoy the luxury amenities of the resort. For those who do not golf, we offer a Holistic program that concentrates on wellness and health. One can reside at the resort or beachfront. Please review our sample schedules. Whatever you choose, be assured that the clinical program is comprehensive and your recovery team is highly credentialed and committed to your recovery.

Integrated All Gender Couples Program is groundbreaking and evidence based. In this model a couple works as a team to support each other from detoxification thru aftercare just as they would when they face any other life challenges. “The Recovery Team” looks forward to the opportunity to address all issues in real time to reach workable solutions. All genders can benefit from this program, as all significant unions are unique! The couple resides in a relaxed non-threatening location, in their home or a home retreat like setting conducive to restoring harmony and balance to their relationship.
Along with therapy (individually and jointly), fun activities and holistic amenities are shared by the couple. The program duration is flexible and is customized based on clinical recommendation and client’s preferences. Like all other Addiction Reach programs “The Recovery Team” is available remotely and in person for as long as needed.

Short Term Transition in Home is another option. Often times after residential treatment it is difficult to adjust to home. Your clinicians can help your communication with family and business colleagues and can assist you in selecting your local recovery support team. Aftercare is crucial to recovery success. We also offer remote counseling as well.

Long term Aftercare and Relapse Prevention is ever changing based on your needs and relevancy. Relationships between you and your clinicians create a trusting bond that offers ongoing support. Sometimes an uninvolved insight from a skilled therapist who knows you and your family dynamics can help you make better decisions.

Whatever program you are willing to commit to will be Unique and you can help design it!
Sunday February 25, 2024