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For individuals, couples, families in all stages of recovery

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Why In-Home Addiction Recovery Treatment Works

  • Do You have time constraints? Are You unable to get away for 30-90 days?
  • Do You have to continue working, going to school, taking care of family members?
  • Do You want Your family to learn to be more supportive of You?
  • Will inpatient treatment affect privacy in Your business and personal life?
  • Do You have financial limitations, or will You lose income by being away from home?
  • Do You relate better to individual as opposed to group learning?
  • Are You used to the convenience of concierge services that come to You?
  • Would You like Your Recovery Team to be available as long as You need them?
  • Would You like to have a voice in planning and carrying out Your treatment program?
  • Are You most comfortable surrounded by the people and things You love?
  • Would You like to be able to learn to cope in Your own environment?
  • Would You like Your Recovery Team to come to you at your convenience, including evenings, weekends, 24/7?
  • Would You like to stay under the radar, so no one needs to know You are seeking treatment?
  • Are You looking for an affordable program so You will not have to pay for inpatient facility accommodations?
  • Would You like to receive intensive one on one treatment that comes to You?
  • Would You like to be matched with the specialists that can positively impact You most?
  • Would You like to customize your treatment plan and add concierge services that you would enjoy?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, Addiction Reach Home may be right for you!


Everyone is interested in privacy. In some cases it is critical. Becoming an inpatient and leaving home for months at a time or radically changing your schedule creates questions from family, friends, neighbors, client and colleagues. Whether you are a high profile individual or someone that can not afford to take time off, in home treatment is your solution.


Receive treatment when your schedule permits. If you continue to work, your providers are available after hours and weekends. If you are not able to drive, we can provide transportation. If you take care of your family, you can make appointments when they are in school or at work. We offer concierge services twenty-four hours a day that will allow you to concentrate on your recovery.


herever you seek treatment, the strength of your program is determined by the quality of your recovery team. Your providers are the best in their fields with years of experience, impressive education and credentials, but more than that, their compassion and interpersonal skills will make a positive difference in your recovery. Most impatient facilities specialize in a certain age group and gender. Your providers are specialists in different age groups and genders and matched with your profile to achieve the best results. Also, your loved ones will be offered counseling as to how to be most supportive of you. Aftercare is an important component of your healing process. Your providers are available to you for as long as you need them.

Sunday July 14, 2024