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Concierge Like Home

This option is designed for individuals, couples and families that seek treatment but all not able or willing to leave home for an extended period of time. For people that need to continue running their businesses and having control of their lives, CONCEIRGE LIKE HOME is the perfect solution. Each program is customized to your time schedule and preferences. Although impatient treatment is right for some, functional motivated people have great success when they are able to help plan their program. Relapsers excel in this treatment as well. These programs work in all stages of recovery from substance detoxification to long term relapse prevention. All ages are invited to participate. Our clinicians specialize in adolescent, young adults, boomers and seniors.

A medical and mental health evaluation and program recommendations are required to ensure safety and comfort. Everything else is up to you. For example, if you are a scratch golfer you can play every day on a championship course, or if yoga and acupuncture are your passion, it can all be scheduled daily. Your recovery team will come to you beachfront or golf resort. Make no mistake, your clinical team is highly credentialed and you and your family, if you choose to include them, will receive comprehensive one on therapy daily as well.

For those who are not substance abusers or are in long term recovery, golf retreats can be planned and customized for groups. Corporate groups also benefit from our programs. If you can imagine it, we can provide it.

Usually relationship form between client and clinicians and your recovery team is available to transition you home personally or work with you remotely long term. So many relapse within the first year of treatment, this added support helps prevent this.


Sunday July 14, 2024