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Your Recovery Team - Carolyn Halpern BA, CRC, RCP

Carolyn is a mother of three adult children and married for 33 years. She resides in Greenwich, CT and spends four months of the year in West Palm Beach, FL.   She is 66 years of age and in excellent health. She has a BA in Psychology and has a teaching certification. She attended both Rosemont College and Villanova University.

 She recently received certification from The Connecticut Community for Addiction Academy, (CCAR) as a Recovery Coach. CCAR is a nationally recognized Recovery Coach Academy.

Her prior employment experience includes four years on Wall Street, four years as a financial compliance consultant in Greenwich, CT and twelve years as an independent contractor for Post Haste Travel of Hollywood, FL.

While her youngest child was in elementary school she was the Director of Project Charlie for the Town of Greenwich. This is a Drug Abuse Prevention Program instituted in both the public and private elementary education systems of Greenwich. CHARLIE is an acronym for Chemical Abuse Resolution Lies in Education. She trained over 400 women and men over the course of a three year period and oversaw the entire program.

In December of 2015, Carolyn admitted herself to the Headwaters Rehabilitation program at Origins in southern Florida. She participated in their recovery program for two months.

My exit strategy included twice weekly psychotherapy as well as daily AA attendance. I continued participation on a daily basis and have become a very active member of the fellowship. I have a Sponsor and multiple sponsees.

As part of her service commitment over the past four years, She has:

  • worked the AA hotline - Greenwich, CT;
  • started an AA meeting in the Valhalla, NY Homeless Shelter which prior to, had none;
  • am active in the alumni community of Hanley at Origins, FL and work individually and in groups with the residents each Monday during the months of January – May. Since I've completed the program I have had an ongoing commitment with Hanley to speak to the beginning residents in groups.

Carolyn works well with males and females remotely and in person.  Her own personal journey, success and teaching skills assist client's long term support in all stages of recovery.


Thursday June 13, 2024