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Your Recovery Team - John L. Glavinovich MD

John L. Glavinovich MD has an extensive background in Emergency and Acute Care Medicine having been a Principal, ER Director and contract holder in 10 Emergency Department settings in Los Angeles and Orange County California as well as 4 Hospital based Urgent Cares and Staffing 4  Long Term Care Facilities for in house Emergency coverage. 

He has turned his passion for Preventative, Proactive & Regenerative medicine into his current practice over the last several years.

Our focus in the Concierge Program is the Detoxification of Alcohol, Opiates, and Amphetamines etc.  Dr. Glavinovich supervises the detoxification process in conjunction with highly experienced nurses. Typically the NADH based treatment occurs over 10 days. Various supplements and adjunctive meds are employed to assist the process.  His goal is to produce positive results. The approach is comprehensive involving many different disciplines of medicine.

One size does not fit all. A program is designed in conjunction with each patient involving a review of the patient`s problem list and prioritizing a treatment plan that fits the individuals needs and desires. 

Diet, nutrition is a key component involving the ability to customize a plan to minimize inflammation.  Extensive options are available for blood, urine, hair stool and saliva samples for evaluation of heavy metal and environmental toxicity, hormone imbalances, inflammatory disease to name a few areas. Areas of emphasis include obesity, Diabetes, Autoimmune disease and Environmental toxins.

Detoxification utilizing protocols including nutraceuticals, Far Infrared Sauna, Vibration devices etc can be used.  Other key components  address sleep, stress and exercise. 

Brain functioning and evaluation is highly recommended to re-set the bran and enhance success in the addiction protocols. Testing, treatment and nutraceuticals  are used to treat.  Evaluation and treatment modalities include Dementia, Alzheimer's, PTSD, ADHD to name a few of many.

Pain relief is an integral portion of what we do tailored to the needs of the individual. Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy, Bioenergetic pain/ inflammation patches, CBD products and Chiropractic are utilized as indicated. 

Dr. Glavinovich has utilized multiple IV preparations including immune boosting, Meyer`s, Skin and Beauty, Weight loss, Glutathione, Hangover, Energy, Athletic, Travel etc

Biologic Allograft therapy including Stem cell or Stem cell activation and/ or ozone therapy can be used to assist treatment in many areas from Cardiac, COPD, Kidney disease, Autoimmune, Autism as well as areas of pain from cervical and lumbar spine, knees, hips and shoulders etc .

Sometimes It is recommended 2-3 weeks pre- detoxification tune up  prior to NAD therapy to re-set the body in many areas and maximize long term benefit. Treatment begins with nutrition which is essential to success. Also,  a 7 day colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, PEMF, IV immune boosters,  detox and colloidal silver sprays, bioenergetics patches,  Chiropractic stabilization  would be part of many options to assist the  detoxification treatment.  Neurologic evaluation and treatment plan before and after treatment would assist success. Hypnotic and NLP therapy via telemedicine could be employed to assist.


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