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Your Recovery Team - Michael D. Lukens Ph.D

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Dr. Lukens obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1987, and has been practicing as a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida since 1990. His distinguished career spans years as the clinical director for some of the premier inpatient addiction recovery programs in Southern Florida, as well as an expert consultant to the corporate health programs of a number of Fortune 500 companies

Dr. Lukens is the developer of Core Issue Completion TherapyTM that serves as the foundation for his therapeutic approach. He has been developing and refining this unique intensive experiential method over the past 27 years.

Dr. Lukens has extensive experience working with trauma, stress-related disorders, including PTSD, early childhood abuse and couples/relationship issues. Grief work is also one of his primary specialties. He has helped many clients from all walks of life overcome addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression, retirement stress, and relationship conflict. When appropriate he also uses hypnosis, recognizing the conscious direct approach to self-discovery and change can be thwarted by motives individuals are not (yet) aware of.

Dr. Lukens is an author and frequent lecturer at national conferences and conducts trainings in his methods for other professionals.

His short term customized intensive treatment for high functioning people has proved successful in uncovering the key motivations driving their addictive behavior and laying the foundation for permanent change.

He will meet with individuals, families, corporate groups locally in South Florida, or in the privacy of their home or office, worldwide.

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