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Hypnotherapy can provide patients with an effective process to assist in permanently freeing them from their addictive patterns. Many addictive patterns have a physiological element, which is best addressed by medical procedures, sound nutrition, and the support of a 12-step program. Psychological research has also indicated that much unhealthy, addictive behavior originates as a compensation for blockage in the meeting of normal healthy needs for love, approval, creative expression, etc. Addictive Personality Technique (APT) provides an excellent adjunct for the treatment of almost any habitual behavior, by addressing the core unmet needs which exist behind any addiction, and meeting those needs through direct action or guided fantasy. By automatically experiencing the deep pleasure of this alternative fantasy every time the addict craves their addictive behavior, they can easily let go of the addictive behavior and the lesser pleasure that it provides.

Usually a hypnotic trance is necessary in order to do APT, because the client's inner defenses generally preclude any conscious awareness of these unmet needs and their associated pain. The Addiction Reach Home Recovery Team instructs the client during a journey into a trance where they will “meet” addict within them. The hypnotist establishes rapport with this addictive personality and asks it to enjoy, in fantasy, its desired behavior, along with the gratification it receives. At this time, the addicted person is asked to come up with any alternative behavior which might feel as good as the addictive behavior to create the same or comparable feelings in the body. The final steps in the process involve linking these new behaviors or fantasized behaviors to the desire for the addictive behavior.

Repetition of the process and the ample use of direct hypnotic suggestion and emotional clearing strategies greatly assist the integration of this process into the clients' daily life.


Monday October 2, 2023