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Neurotherapeutics/Brain Mapping

Neurotheropeutics is an innovative program that focuses on mental health & cognitive functioning. After years of drug/alcohol abuse, one of the most affected areas of the body is the brain. In fact, the withdrawal symptoms that make quitting drug use so difficult are primarily related to the brain. Drugs can disrupt the proper transfer of information through the brain or create messages that the brain reads inaccurately. The addict no longer reacts to everyday life with a realistic view, because the brain is unable to react appropriately, although subjects are generally not aware of their reduced capacity or the fact that they are not functioning well in everyday life.

Neurotheropeutic Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Remediation: Reversing Impairment in Cognitive Functioning Due to Drug Abuse Cognitive remediation or “brain training” consists of exercises designed to improve function in areas such as sustaining attention, thinking before acting, and visual and auditory processing – areas in which individuals with a long history of drug abuse often experience difficulties.

Neurofeedback Training: What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback provides a comprehensive training system to enable clients to control the pattern and flow of their mental energy (i.e., their mind). Neurofeedback empowers people by providing an electronic mirror of their brain activity at the cellular level so that they can better control their mental “state.” Neurofeedback measures the neuronal activity of 1-10 million neurons at each EEG sensor location. Neurofeedback works by increasing neuronal networks: creation of new synapses and improving the efficiency of existing synapses.

Stress Relief with Quantum Biofeedback: Addiction Reach Home treatment providers specialize in the quantum physics approach to stress reduction with a high-tech system that identifies and rebalances stress conditions in the body, re-harmonizes the body, balances the mind and retrains the body to reach its natural resonance. This is done with sophisticated forms of feedback. The INDIGO uses the biofeedback principle to detect abnormal and aberrant frequencies within your body. The system uses a computer to measure an individual's evoked potential or reactivity to over 11,000 frequencies associated with the human body which are contained in an internal stress identification kit in the device – all in less than five minutes.

Alpha-Stim R for Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression: Research demonstrates that Alpha-Stim R may improve the patient's condition for substance-abuse treatment. It simultaneously treats anxiety, depression and insomnia and allows the patient to focus on other therapies such as relaxation, biofeedback or cognitive behavioral therapies. It appears that the Alpha-Stim® micro-current waveform activates particular groups of nerve cells that are located at the brainstem and produces a certain type of electrical activity pattern in the brain known as an alpha state.

Vibro-Acoustical Therapy: Vibroacoustical Therapy addresses the emotional and spiritual stress an addict will go through. The SMART System utilizes a technology defined as “Induced Relaxation”. Once the brain calms, learning to deal with things like cravings, anxiety and anger becomes easier to control. Scattered irrational thoughts are replaced with peace and calmness allowing the patient to re-adjust their current mindset.


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