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Aftercare Support

Once each patient has completed their treatment program, they are on their way to being more physically, mentally and spiritually whole. They will have learned new skills, take pride in their successes and remain hopeful for their future.

In a traditional program, patients would leave their treatment facility and re-enter daily life by getting re-acquainted with loved ones, friends and business associates, facing all the same scenarios they left when going into rehabilitation. Relapse rates for addictive diseases usually are in the range of 50% to 90%; however, these rates vary by definition of relapse, severity of addiction, which drug of addiction, length of treatment, and elapsed time from treatment discharge to assessment, as well as other factors. Addiction Reach Home patients have an advantage at this stage, as they have already worked through many of these daily life scenarios while recovering in the comfort of their own home.

Every patient will face situations they may not know how to cope with, even though they have been taught the skills. Addiction Reach Home provides Aftercare Support with the familiar faces that helped the patient recover in the first place. The recovery team will be with each patient from day one for as long as they are needed.


Saturday April 13, 2024