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Inpatient Transitioning

Most addicts first participate in an impatient recovery program. Sometimes they just enter a short medical detoxification. Most likely they will leave home for 30-90 days. These intensive programs are a great start. However, when the patient comes home, it is difficult for them to adjust to their everyday life and to use the skills that they learned in treatment. The relapse rate for addicts in the first year of their recovery is about 90% when a comprehensive aftercare program is not in place. Most facilities offer aftercare strategies to their patients but do not facilitate them.

The Transition Team works in conjunction with the facilities, detox centers, sober houses and hospitals and their clinicians and discharge personnel during the impatient program. The patients and loved ones are completely involved in the process as well. Because each program is individualized,the transition to home is seamless. Here are some of the services rendered.

  • Teleconferencing/live with clinical & discharge team
  • Remote/live introduction to family
  • Patient transfer home
  • Home substance check & sweep
  • Nutritional food shopping and planning
  • Selection and set-up of local medical & mental health providers & participation at initial appointments
  • Implement physical & spiritual activities (if requested)
  • Daily schedule-time management-priority recovery first
  • Attend 12 step meetings/pick sponsor (if requested)
  • Family re-integration-expectation setting
  • Re-entry to job & social situation coaching
  • Remote daily, weekly phone-skype sessions
  • Remote monitoring for support & validation (if requested)

Recovery Care Managment


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