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Yoga is a practice that is more than just an exercise. It is an opportunity to be with yourself in acceptance and love. It is a journey to learn more about your body, your thoughts, and your behaviors. The asanas, or poses, are designed to increase your agility and stimulate your body systems, such as digestion, glandular, hormonal, lymphatic to name just a few. Inversion postures, such as downward dog, calm the nervous system. While poses with spinal extensions, such as cobra, cleanse the kidneys and activate your excretory organs.

The vinyasas, or flows, give you mobility in your joints and strength to your spine. The increased elasticity in your tendons, especially around the knees, keeps them supple, and moveable. The elongation in your muscles allows the release of toxins that are built up during exercise and daily activity. Spinal twists increase your upper body rotation, while stimulating your digestion. When asanas flow from one posture to another, it gives you a feeling of freedom as a dancer feels her body floating through the air.

Tight hamstrings add undo pressure to your lower back, which can be a large source of discomfort. Rounded shoulders and stiffness in your back can cause you to look and feel older than you are. While stretched hamstrings and open shoulders bring youth to your body and flexibility to your spine, which takes years off your actual age.

Breathing techniques, or pranayams, bring the body and mind into a relaxed state, which is an easy access for meditation. As you develop this practice, you will experience stillness, which can remain even in the midst of a life's storm. Sleeping comes easier after a good series of alternate nostril breathing, or anuloma viloma. The ujjayi breath relaxes your nerves with long lasting effects.

Yoga will join your body, soul, and spirit into a new harmony. Yoga began centuries and centuries ago as a form of meditation. The point of yoga is to rev the body up to reach a state of nirvana at the end of the practice. This state of nirvana is described as being a feeling of complete peace and ease. This makes yoga for addiction treatment especially beneficial and complimentary in the continuing journey of sobriety for any addict or alcoholic.

Practicing yoga for addiction treatment can help an alcoholic or addict to find acceptance, grace, envisioned goals and achieved goals, an ability to not compare, and a form of meditation. This benefit along with the exercise in yoga for addiction treatment makes it one of the most holistic practices given to someone in a rehabilitation center such as Florida House. Yoga for addiction treatment can relieve pain, help movement, instill mental clarity, and build strength- physically and spiritually.


Saturday July 13, 2024