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Concierge Hospital Detoxification

All potential participants wishing to detox will undergo a medical evaluation. The safety and comfort of the client is first and foremost. A medical history and doctor ordered tests will determine the best method of detox. Sometimes testing is done before the program begins, especially if the patient lives out of state .Although most clients prefer an in home procedure sometimes an inpatient detoxification is recommended. This option is very similar to an in home program. The patient will be detoxing in a private room or suite with concierge services and no restrictions of phone or computer usage Your Addiction Reach recovering team with be working closely with the detoxification team and will be available to you 24/7. Your physiological program will be starting simultaneously. This process of removing addictive substances and toxins from a person's system and getting him or her physically stable is the first step as we guide and support clients through the withdrawal process. We are able to detox individuals and couples at the same time.

Different substances produce different types of withdrawal


Sunday July 14, 2024