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Golf Therapy

Golfers are passionate about the game and the camaraderie that comes with it no matter how well they play. Golf affords the opportunity to access a source of inspiration and power that must ultimately come from within. As within recovery itself, success takes place in small steps, always in the present moment, and always one shot at a time.

As every golfer knows, the challenges felt on the course mirror the challenges felt in everyday life. Golf, perhaps unlike any sport, has the uncanny ability to show our individual strengths and weaknesses. Your recovery team will assist you in identifying these traits and discussing how they impact your life and what new strategizes will be successful for you. Your support team would then help you develop a detailed plan of attainable goals and how to reach them.

Addiction Reach Golf utilizes leading-edge peak performance mind/body principles so you can take back your life on your own terms one shot at a time. We integrate mental and emotional mind practices and biomechanics. Our golf mentors currently coach PGA players. Your course work includes swing instruction, as well as techniques to stabilize emotions and get mood out in front of performance. We integrate daily off the green one on one therapy addressing sobriety, mindfulness, relationships and the challenge of the "19th hole".

Whether you decide to participate alone or invite your partner or family to join you, you are all welcome on and off the course.


Saturday May 18, 2024