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Mindfulness is an evidenced- based tool used for stress management and relapse prevention. In our fast-paced society we are trained to turn away from challenging physical, mental or emotional states. We are often on “auto pilot,” reacting in habitual ways that do not serve us.

Through mindfulness practice, the client learns to be with whatever reality is unfolding. When we cultivate a sense of moment to moment awareness, we are free to see a wider choice of responses to whatever is arising in the present moment.

Mindfulness supports the person in recovery by helping them to come off of auto-pilot, ending the constant mental anguish of wallowing in the past or fretting the future. Results of Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) training shown in the chart

Percentage Sobriety Rates After 1 Year

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Sobriety Rate


Sunday July 14, 2024