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The disease of addiction has a genetic basis that results in a deficiency of well-being neurotransmitters. This deficiency results in clinical levels of anxiety and depression and physical cravings for mood altering substances. The protocols used facilitate the increased production of these well-being neurotransmitters resulting in significant and life changing levels of anxiety and depression and elimination of physical cravings.

Patients can opt for drugless, noninvasive protocols for detoxification using painless neuro-repatterning techniques such as cranial nerve stimulation to prevent cravings and anxiety while they go through the detoxification process with maximum comfort. Once the patient has achieved detoxification then treatment of addiction commences.

This is a state of the art protocol supported by scientific research. Techniques such as cranial nerve stimulation or auriculotherapy which is now taught in medical schools, specific chiropractic techniques that stimulate the limbic system to increase the production of well-being neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter replacement therapy utilizing specific amino acid supplementation which form the building blocks of neurotransmitters facilitate the elimination of cravings and reduces the clinical levels of depression and anxiety to within normal levels in a relative short time.

Cranial Nerve Stimulation or Auriculotherapy is a neurological analysis and treatment protocol taught in medical schools. Currently the World Health Organization designated treatment protocols to diagnose and treat over 350 diseases or conditions. There are specific treatment protocols to re-pattern brain waves for the cravings of addiction, depression, anxiety, stop smoking, weight loss, anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorders and sleep disorders. Treatment is administered by a micro-current machine set at specific frequencies under the direct supervision of the doctor.

Specific chiropractic treatments are used to locate and diagnose primary location of subluxation. Research has shown that the stimulus of the chiropractic thrust results in an immediate increased production of well-being neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine etc) from the limbic tissue in the brain and the dorsal horns of the spinal cord. Lowered levels of well-being neurotransmitters manifests as anxiety and depression. Research has shown that normal levels of well-being neurotransmitters are achieved with this therapy within 3-4 weeks (verses 6-12 months). In addition, chiropractors address and correct the underlying causes of pain which have often contributed to the substance abuse.

Neurotransmitter Replacement Therapy addresses the genetic deficiency of well-being neurotransmitters of the addicted patient. Neurotransmitter Replacement Therapy utilizes specific amino acids and other nutritional supplementation to provide the patient's brain the building blocks to produce the needed neurotransmitters.

Research has demonstrated that the addiction medicine protocols used resulted in a 98% completion rate of 30 day programs vs the national average of 56%. This retention rate is directly attributed to the clinical levels of depression and anxiety that resolve within 3-4 weeks vs 6-12 months (average amount of time that clinical levels of anxiety & depression are sustained post recovery). This statistic is most significant. The addicted patient cannot experience the benefits of counseling and understanding when anxiety, depression and cravings are paramount.


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