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Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient treatment includes medical and mental health evaluation and long term continuous care. It is designed for the person who is willing to receive treatment in office, during normal business hours. This option is very affordable and most insurances are accepted.

There has been a revolution in the treatment of chemical addictions over the past several years. Principally, this has come about because of the newer medications that have passed the tests of safety, effectiveness and time. These medications can take away the hurt and pain of withdrawal from opiates - even Heroin and Methadone, or the cravings for Cocaine. Our patients with alcoholism receive medications that work to take away the desire to drink. New success in Methamphetamine treatment is salvaging lives that might have been lost.

Experienced doctors and other medical clinicians are available to you or your loved ones 24/7. Mental Health plays a big part on your road to recovery. In office. therapists can help you with any emotional issues at the same time as you receive medical treatment.

If you are interested in this type of treatment and want to know what your insurance covers, please contact us.


Saturday April 13, 2024